Its Monday, But Its Ok…


Its Monday, but its OK because it means the beginning of new things. It Monday again, but “we” love it because Mondays bring new opportunities and a chance to work towards attaining our goals.

Hating Mondays won’t do us any good because try as we might, Mondays are not going nowhere. So instead of hating Mondays and being miserable, why not embrace it and make the best of the day and week? Start the day with positive thoughts and a cheerful disposition.

Refrain from complaining about Mondays to either your co-workers or your friends.

Remember without Mondays, how would pay-day roll in? How would you be able to accomplish your dreams? Monday is a day for winners. So go ahead and enjoy today like you have never done.

Here’s wishing us all the best week.

PS: Good things don’t come to those who wait. Good things come to those who pursue the goals and dreams they believe in. – Unknown


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6 thoughts on “Its Monday, But Its Ok…

  1. There is something about Mondays. Especially the start of the day, the hustle on Monday is always different. Monday morning traffic is the worst of all the working week days, monday morning meeting is the most dreaded because its like all the bosses smoke weed the night before.

    Ill advice that you look at Monday in a different perspective. Let monday stand for something. Let Monday stand for fresh start, let it stand for new weekly message from God, let it stand for countdown to your break through. Let it stand for something. If you were a business person instead of an employee you would love Mondays.



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