Experience The Beauty Of Life And Of You…



Life is busy – we hustle from one place to another, engrossed in our electronic devices, books or simply looking away to avoid making eye contact with the human race, including ourselves. Never stopping to take in the tranquillity of the ocean, the art spray painted on a building or the beauty of the sunset. Most of us aren’t awake for the sunrise and are not truly present at important (or even ordinary) daily happenings. We miss life as it passes us by and wonder what we did with the daylight.

We continue on this treadmill, this sprint, this exercise in getting it all done – but seem to have little to show for it. Time is all we have on this earth. Friends, lovers, money, and experiences all come and go, leaving only memories – if you are lucky enough to remember. The good, the bad, the remembered, the forgotten, the happy, the sad, the ordinary, the extraordinary; makes you YOU.

Live, dream, make it come true. Anything less is not living, it’s merely existing. Existing is just going through the motions, without thought or emotion. Cry, laugh, scream, love; do whatever you have to live life. Honor yourself by not taking life, or a day, or an experience for granted. Fulfill your dreams, make things happen, see the beauty that is around you and create more.

Make the most of the time you have on this earth. Be positive, helpful and understanding. Share peace and happiness. Give love. Give yourself. For those are the things that live on and make a difference, beyond your time, beyond your life.

Post was written by By Patti Hatzistavrakis and culled from: sunnyskyz.

Photo credit: pinterest

3 thoughts on “Experience The Beauty Of Life And Of You…

  1. Ill put it this way… laugh at yourself more, try everything atleast once, understand that nobody really cares, help others when you can, be a good friend, appreciate things – material and non-material things.

    Be happy!



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