I Hate My Job..

i hate my job

There is an anger within me that I cannot seem to quell,

I walk into the office and it’s like a cloak of depression settles on me.

I cannot squeeze out a smile, i cannot bear to imagine another day in that gloom.

I need to escape, I need to run away, but I have no alternative

My boss walks by and he smiles, but I cannot muster a reciprocal smile.

I want to stuff his face by submitting a resignation letter, but my liver no gree

Hunger is too real to try out, my responsibilities too much to ignore.

Even when the end of the month rolls by, the income doesn’t make an impact,

I am left panting for more and hating myself in return for my need.

It’s like a union over here, the union of job haters,

Bound together in unified hate but united in our need to stay.

What do you do when you hate your job so much?

What’s the way out? I need a plan.

Someone help me*****


Photo credit: www.donotgiveup.net

3 thoughts on “I Hate My Job..

  1. No body ever plans to fail but we also forgot that when you fail to plan,you invariably plan to fail.Too many people plan for weddings,birthdays and other not so relevant events more than they plan for life.please don’t get it twisted,marriages are more important than weddings,the ceremony is largely jamboree and you must look beyond it.
    It is so sad that people only have dreams but have no road maps towards the actualization of their dreams.We hardly make conscious efforts to succeed,we do not give planning it’s place in our lives.
    You need to realise that your employment is temporarily and you shall move on to your own life eventually and as such you must search yourself for your passion or societal need you can fill.There are too many ordinary people going no where all over the world,please don’t join their band wagon.
    Take notice that whatever you choose to do as your personal business in future show start as an experiment today,start trying your hands on the business while you have a job and begin to secure prospects and experience.
    Only fools wait to lose their current jobs before they start running about


  2. There is a misconception. The misconception is that being self employed would solve financial problems or being self employed would allow you wake up at 9am or being self employed has less stress. The misconceptions are many. Havent you all heard that uneasy is the head that wears the crown.

    Believe it or not it is easier to be employed than to run a business. You hate your job but you would hate the self employment world more. You might like what you are doing but the environment, the toughness, the competition would frustrate you.

    My friend. Better start to love your job. Until you have a plan B, love your job. Wake up in the morning and thank God for your job, at night thank God for your job, hug and kiss your job. Do all these things until you have a plan B.


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  3. Lol romance your job.
    However you need to be passionate about whatever you’re doing. If passion is missing, sorry there is no love story. You also need to plan and be patient so you don’t end up jumping about like a confused sombori.


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