Put Some Heart In It…


I am usually a gift hoarder for the valentine day celebration but this year am taking things easy (translation, i always give more gifts than I get, so this year am not buying a lot… tongue out). Massive collectors and mini givers should please take note!

But seriously, why do some people find it hard to accept the concept of a love-celebration-day? Could it be that there is some hardness around your heart that you have not discovered? 😜

Or are we valentine day celebrants the erring ones? For me, It’s nice to know that on a particular day in a year I get to celebrate LOVE. It’s nice to know that on that day your significant other has no other choice (if he/she is wise sha) than to “perform” some tricks that will remind you of the beginning of your love.

Back in High school a lot of my friends were always showered with bag loads of gifts, and although I was a “tapping” girl I never really got any gifts. At least not until University. So right now, I am taking no hostages. Valentine day celebration is a must like Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Everyone has a whole year to plan so excuses should not be tabled. Contrary to popular belief, gifts and the entire exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be sweet and thoughtful.

For me the following are a must:

1. Cards, the more the merrier. All sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, just ensure it’s personally signed!

2. Flowers. Yea, you wonder what an african woman wants flowers for. Don’t dwell on it too much. It’s a romantic gesture. Do your bit and watch them pretend to smell it and gaze upon it affectionately. πŸ˜€

3. A poem. Whether handwritten, blackberry messaged, texted or read aloud, a poem is a must.

4. Some good old shagging. What better way than to express your love for your significant other, If not to put on your best performance and dazzle him or her with some sexual stunts. For this one, ensure you have your pain reliever ready by your bedside, stand side or sit side (whatever catches your fancy).

5. Above all, show some love. A hug, a kiss, a smooch… just show that person they are valued.

Enjoy your valentine day and do share your Valentine must list.


photo credit:Β www.quoteshunger.com

12 thoughts on “Put Some Heart In It…

  1. I wonder why people think we need one day to celebrate Love. Everyday is a celebration of Love, so am sorry its a damn silly thing to think all u need is one day to show or celebrate love. Out of 365 days in a year, its only one day we have decide to celebrate LOVE. That’s how many percentage of the number of days in a year???? It really does speaks volume.


    • Here comes the hardened ones, typing quickly in the hope of raining on our parade. MFA didn’t say vals day is the only day to celebrate love. Take a chill pill and understand the intent. She said it’s nice to have a special day set aside. Let me ask you, do you celebrate the fact that you are born only on your birthday? Or you are grateful for having being given birth to everyday? So pls maybe you are the silly one and your outburst speaks volume.


      • M not calling anyone silly all i was saying is the thought of only one day to celebrate Love is silly.Diversity is the spice of Life so i don’t really have to agree with the Vals Day Celebration and i don’t have to keep quite because i disagree. Also i say a big “Yes” to your question i give thanks/gratitude for my birth into this world everyday, because appreciation to my God for creation and my parents for birthing me is a celebration of my existence which occurs daily in a place of Prayer. Once your pray n give thanks for life on daily basis is an appreciation of existence which can only come about through your birth. *****Tongue Out*************.


  2. Lol Kafayat,when last did you give a gift since we dont need a day to show this affection.
    Back to MFA, it doesnt even sound like you, i guess you would end up being urself. I can relate to giving so much and receiving less dan expected.
    What about us telling the Mr what exactly we want or helping them even shop for the gift.
    I always have to remind dh its val every year and always have to make him do better than the wash gift i received the previous year.
    Bottom line for me is not to feel left out in vals celebration, so i dont mind telling him where to buy the cakes, d gifts etc
    Abeg i cant shout


    • Hmmmmmmm still waiting for that year that I’ll get a valentine gift sha. I’ve never gotten though I usually go out of my way to give. But it’s okay am not doing that anymore. Will go to a motherless baby’s home year & spend to time loving the children there


  3. valentine will go like this:
    -Wake up. Look at iyawo and say “baby I love you….. Whats for breakfast?”
    – Go to living room, turn on TV and wait for food

    Vals is stupid.*Walks away…



    • Kon, kon, kon. So you are all mouth and no action. Now val is stupid, and you can’t put up your usual thesis to defend your position. Val wasn’t stupid when you were toasting her and buying all sorts. It wasn’t stupid when she was buying you all sorts😜. Stop being a love grinch, do the needful and wow that babe or else your breakfast might just be laced with some laxativeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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  5. Truthfully,I love LOVE and i’m a hopeless romantic..if i had a list-it would definitely include poetic words (handwritten preferably and folded like a scroll as in ancient times)

    Lol @ the flowers part and watch them pretend to smell it..nice humor…any romantic gesture would do…and i love surprises..(it humbles me and softens my heart)


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