He’s Too Close To His Female Boss…


In today’s society, everything and anything is fast becoming acceptable. The lines of normalcy are thinning out and everyone seems to be taking advantage of this. Even female bosses! Or how else does one explain a female boss repeatedly calling her male subordinate in the middle of the night?

A friend of mine was lamenting bitterly to me over the past weekend about how her husband’s boss seems to have become a third wheel in their marriage. The boss (code-named Lady-T) had resorted to engaging her husband in all sorts of activities which included:

  1. Taking her to lunch (under the guise that she hated to eat alone).
  2. Dropping documents for her at home after the close of work.
  3. Picking up stuff from her house during the weekends for use at the office.
  4. Accompanying her for outside town meetings and conferences.
  5. Buying him gifts

The worse part (at least to my friend) was the nightly calls. She divulged that at least 3 times in a week, Lady T and her Husband would spend nothing less than 30 minutes on the phone, talking work gibberish interjected with chuckles. And every time she confronted her husband about his closeness with his boss, he would ask if she would prefer him to be jobless!

The issue started 6 months ago, and the possibility of her husband becoming jobless is starting to look rather appealing to my friend. At least, more appealing than the thought that her husband sleeping around with his boss.

She concluded her story by letting on that at the beginning of the Lady-T’s drama series, her husband used to get so upset at the personal errands and duties. But his irritation had metamorphosed to acceptance and now he considered his boss’s behaviour “normal”.

What can I do MFA, she asked with tears in her eyes. If it was in my “hey” days, I would have advised her to properly investigate the situation and ascertain if anything weird was going on and take quick action. You know what I mean when I say properly investigate abi? lol. Any ways being a repentant woman I had to ask her temper justice with mercy and lets take it to the Lifetitude House for proper dissecting.

So people, when is close, too close? When should the line be drawn with female bosses and bosses in general? What should a woman do if she suspects her man and his boss are fooling around?


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31 thoughts on “He’s Too Close To His Female Boss…

  1. There are 2 things i see, the guy may be trying to keep his job and playing the dummie. Again he could get carried away eventually and fall in love then proper kasala go start.
    Watch it boss, dont be a learner


  2. First of all, the possibility that the guy is already sleeping with his boss is 90%. He has taken the easier way out and is probably servicing her once in a week or so. Sorry madam wife, you were too slow. Even if you ask him to quit now he wont. So you might have to shift and adapt and hope it burns out soon.


  3. Yeye dey smell. I will advice you to seek her out woman to woman. If shes married then make it a couples chat. Let her know how you feel, her response will determine your next move.


  4. Please note that Jesus was meek but not a mumu and when it was time to act he did.

    If I were in her shoes and still want the man back I will go to any length, please underline any length to get him back and that includes playing dirty.

    You need wisdom my dear. Whoever lacks wisdom shud ask God and he will give him or her in generous amounts.

    This is not the time for gra gra at all. Calm down, he is your husband after all. Calm down look within, look without and the answer to your question “What should I do?” will shine forth brighter than the sun.

    Please do not give up, not an option at all. You must stand up, fight for what is yours and show that couger who is boss!


  5. There’s something definitely going on. How many bosses will buy gifts for their staff? Your friend waited too long as Theman said. She needs to salvage what’s left before her husband moves in with his boss.


  6. This happens a whole lot in my office. The boss chases the small boy, foolishly he will fall into her trap and she will milk him dry for sex and young attention. After a year or so he will become needy, always trying to chat her up and be in her presence. By that time another young boy has been employed and the office boyfriend will be sacked with no fanfare. So sisi just wait a bit, she will soon be done with him and you can have him all to yourself. That’s if he isn’t too used to being a sugar boy


    • But if it was a lady she would have a choice abi? Our yardsticks are dented in this part of the world. If its good for him, it shuld b good for her. Plus is his current job the only job in town?


      • AbiG, please help me ask them o? In the face of all these unemployment, there are still jobs. People are changing jobs everyday.


  7. What was your friend doing that she allowed this to happen for 6 months? Please is it by force he stays at that job? Truth is, her husband is more than likely fucking his boss which is very tacky. I hear Silverfox saying he’s just trying to keep his job but if it were the other way around, I’m sure he wouldn’t say the woman was just trying to keep his job.
    This is simple, either your husband’s boss stops working there or your husband stops. The termination of employment does not have to be voluntarily and no one has to know you are behind it.


  8. 1st mistake is that the guy has sexed his boss. Now its too late to back out. He has to continue sexing her till she is tired of him. Thats the truth. Its cruel out there in the unemployment world. Do you know how hot the sun is these days, it harsh for those walking the streets looking for job. So, since he has made the mistake of sleeping with his boss let him just continue. His wife should accept the mistake and move on with her life.

    Ill advice they turn the situation to their advantage and ask for a promotion. Atleast if the boss wants his D she would be willing to promote him. They have some leverage.

    Ofcourse if it was a woman that the boss was after it would be totally unacceptable for her to sleep with him or get too close to him. Guess why…..Because its a mans world!!! Accept it and move on.



    • Thunder will fire his yansh and balls for sexing her and even continuing. what bullshit. I have said it and I will say it again, the men we have out there are too lazy for cool. They are always looking for an easy way out. Sexing your boss because you want to keep your job, go out there and find another job you lazy sleeze. Women be smart, marry well and if you are already married to a no-gooder stay sharper and stay ahead of the game. Don’t be a looser and be crying after milk has split.

      And its a woman’s world, don’t let a no-gooder deceive you because you wear his ring. Gosh am so pissed

      Peace my arse.

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      • Fancy girl you have vexed o. So if you marry a man who has all the money in the world but turns out to be the boss that is sexing his female employee nko? Shebi its laziness you seem to abhor, what if you find a hardworking well to do man who still turns out to be a sleaze? Then where will all these your spouting do for you. Truth is a good man will always be a good man and a bad one will stay the same.

        I agree that women should shine their eyes and marry well but I don’t think it should be for money. Find a good man, one that believes in God and respects you. Once you do you have struck gold. Money or hard work does not make a good man, an upright character formatted by God’s direction those


  9. C’mon people, we shouldn’t just assume he is already doing the McNasty naw. Let’s have a little faith in the integrity of the men of our generation, they can’t be that sleazy. In fact I chose to trust them and believe in them no matter the current and future value of the naira….okay, I’m done trying, the guy is a jigolo and the tin fit dey im blood sef
    After all said and done, if the guy would stoop so low as to do it in the first place, no amount of tantrums from the wife will change anything now. This calls for Desperate Housewives level of skill. So whip out the crazy Missus. But one thing I have found to work without fail is settling things on one’s knees as a woman. Report this man to Jesus, no fighting, no screaming, no wailing. Just go on your knees and do all your fighting there. ‘I will fight for you and you will hold your peace’ remember?
    Prayers work….so long as you didn’t marry him in a wuru wuru way sha o…..shebi you sha didn’t snatch him from another woman?

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    • Gatlinmay, in one stroke you have given a wonderful solution to the problem and subtly pointed fingers at erring women. Truly nothing settles issues as well as God’s intervention. It should always be our first point of call. Secondly, let’s say she snatched this man from another woman, is she to be robbed of eternal matrimonial peace? Can’t her wuru wuru be forgiven? Or can this new be a karma-ful reaction to earlier sins? 😓😓


      • Thanks MFA 😄. Truth is we have to be sincere with ourselves, even if we won’t declare it to all. I always prefer to look inwards first, when we say our prayers are not getting answered. That way we know we ask for mercy first before asking for anything else.

        And i honestly also believe good things happen to bad people and bad things also happens to sincerely good people. Life hurts like that. But more than anything, i know God loves us beyond our faults and that’s all that matters.

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  10. Choi, all ye pessimists! The dude is openly talking to her on the phone (not hiding her number/saving it as some random name or pretending to be speaking to someone else), he’s also letting his wife know when he’s going to her house and everything, and prolly showing her the gifts she (his boss) gave him…..does this sound like a cheating man? Not to me.

    If he was sleeping with her, I guess he would’ve been more discrete about their level of interactions. Seriously, how easy is it to lie about his location or who he’s travelling with? The fact that he’s being honest with all these, suggests he’s not as guilty as you guys think.

    Obviously, his boss likes him but I think he has decided that he can deal with it without crossing the line. He needs to start looking for a new job tho cos his wife would never have peace of mind.

    Madam, give your husband the benefit of doubt. Explain to him, calmly, that the ongoing situation with his boss is unacceptable to you, if he loves you…he would ask you, what should I do? Better have a smart answer prepared.

    Good luck.

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  11. The guy is not doing anything. He is just trying to keep his job by making his unhappy Oga happy. And if his doing her, he os one of the lucky guys. There is nothing sexier than been under ur boss.


  12. The world is in trouble and truth is that it’s inhabitants are not left out,How can you draw the line with your boss?NO how,if you boss likes you then you are in trouble,and it doesn’t matter whether you are maLe or female.It’s hard to give her am attitude but you can respectfully turn her down without hurting her.For the wife,get down on your kneels and pray him the woman out of the job


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