The Peace Challenge

Am Throwing Out A Challenge To Everyone, Including Myself!!!!

It’s called the Peace Challenge and it involves keeping the peace with your significant other for 30 days! Starting Tomorrow the 17th of October 2014.


During the 30 days the following activities are prohibited:

  1. Fighting
  2. Quarrelling
  3. Malice
  4. Back talk or grumbling

If you engage in any one of the above listed activities you pay your significant other N5,000. Peace, gentility and love is the rule of the game.

Please nominate people by commenting and sending them a link of the blog (yes am hoping to draw more readers)… lol

Let the games begin….


17 thoughts on “The Peace Challenge

  1. Keeping peace is thing of the mind o.. i do it so effortlessly sha this days. Gone were d days. I think a couple esp d woman gets to a stage in life where u realise been right or winning arguements at all times isnt always wisdom. Stimes u take d back seat and let him ride on..


    • True that. It gets better with experience and maturity. Am soo pleased with myself. The challenge has put me on notice and actually helped cure my fighting spirit. So far, so good


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