Put It Out There Friday…

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Hello dearest ones.

Our “put it out there Friday” is back by popular demand. Check out the first post here. A lot of us have bottled thoughts or questions that we would like to ask without any strings attached and where best to ask? Lifetitudes!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules of the “Put it out there”. 

1. Leave a comment about any thoughts you feel like airing, using not more than 5 sentences.

2. Your comment should not contain vulgarism or lewd stuff.

3. Other readers are allowed to respond to your comments and you can respond to them by clicking reply to your initial comment. Remember, always use the reply button to your initial comment.

4. You can also reply to comments made by other readers.

The goal is to indulge in your randomness. Remember, your posts can be in form of questions, a statement or just a well constructed rant. Whatever it is, just do you!


32 thoughts on “Put It Out There Friday…

  1. I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.- mother theresa

    Does this make sense?
    I usually let go when it starts to hurt.


    • It does make sense if you relate it to this quote by Toba Beta “Love hurts when it changes us”. Which read together will translate to meaning that Love hurts when it starts to change you. At that moment when you have to make compromises or when you have to forbear something you wouldn’t ordinarily it hurts really bad. But once you find an equilibrium it stops hurting and the love further grows.

      You might be letting go just before the enjoyment begins. Hold on and ride the waves.


    • Hmmm, to the best of my knowledge, love ain’t supposed to hurt. Its hard, stressful, annoying at times but hurt isn’t in the mix.
      For me if it hurts, that’s my cue to let go and find me some love that loves me enough not to hurt me😍


    • Personally i believe love hurts at a certain point of the relationship, and then you transcend to a stage where you have been able to resolve the initial conflicts and have plugged into each other. I had a boyfriend in University who i was crazy about and i thought he felt the same way about me. But out of the blues he broke up with me and i recoiled at the hurt love had brought to my doorstep, but somehow we were able to surmount his initial betrayal and still go on to date for several years.

      If the hurt is deliberate and without conscience, please run. If not, it might just be that you are undergoing the process of understanding how your “new self” works.

      Another angle to this paradox is the hurt that comes when you are giving of yourself. In loving deeply, wantonly, selflessly you hurt yourself in some way. There are many levels to love, this paradox loving is the deep underwater love…. lol.


    • I think live does hurt at certain aspects of the cycle it runs for. I know that my husband and I have hurt each other so much at certain points in our relationship but somehow we find happ in each other. Love is some complicated shit man. Sometimes it just fucks you up totally and then it saves you.


    • Depends on if you are a guy or girl.

      If you are a babe, Ill advice you dont tell him but act the part. Behave towards him in a way that would let him know you are in love. When he sees the sign he should know what to do. This would also give you space to know if its true love or not.

      If you are a guy you need to be very careful so you dont end up in the friend zone. Find a very mature way to tell her how you feel. Then take it from there.


    • Ouch!

      It depends on you. If u’re comfortable with being direct and don’t mind the awkward”sorry, but you’re just my friend” response, which is a possibilty.

      I really do not envy guys and even they are not always direct.

      I’ll suggest you give it time if it’s meant to be it will happen.

      And if you can’t wait, please do it stylishly, a few hints here and there and if he doesn’t catch on maybe he doesn’t feel the same way.

      All the best.


  2. Do you even think sometimes that the way things are going you will live your life and die as a nobody. You would die as a statistic. Only your children would remember you because you came to this life and did nothing great. You did not invent anything, you did are not a great philosopher, you are not a president, you are not on any great list in this life : Not the richest, wisest, most beautiful, strongest etc. Do you think that the house you would leave behind for your children is all life is about? What happened to striving for greatness? Why cant you be like Arthur Guinness, Bill Gates, Einstein, Winston Churchill, Obama, Dele Giwa, Obafemi Awolowo Tuface. What does it take to be great? Is it so hard or are you so lazy? maybe you are too contempt with the mediocre life you live, the job that you have, the car you have. You are so comfortable that you have become a prisoner. You mind and brain imprisoned that greatness is far from you.

    Im asking: What does it take to be great? What is greatness?


    • Greatness is finding, knowing and fulfilling purpose…. this is very subjective and can be measured in different forms. We were all not created to be presidents or great inventors or renowned writers etc but each one of us has been created for one thing special that once accomplished we will be seen as great whether in the eyes of the world at large or our own circle of influence. E.g. A mother that brought up her children in the way of God and that worked towards ensuring they do not end up as menaces in the society may just have played her part well in life and fulfilled purpose; if the kids grow up to be ‘great’ – quote and unquote; then the mother that did a good job has also fulfilled greatness’; maybe not in the eyes of the world but in the eyes of God and are kids. We are all so concerned about how the world sees us and not concerned with the one thing that is most important… how God sees us… Do we want to be seen as great on earth with all the fame and glamour and then be nobodies in eternity… Lets all strive to find and know divine purpose and fulfill it in all aspects of our lives, then can we say we have strived or are striving towards Greatness!!!


    • Greatness is fingers your caalling, fulfilling it and impacting others no matter how small. If your small world feels ur impact so much so that ur absence is going to catastrophic, then you my friend are great.


      • ” If your small world feels ur impact so much so that ur absence is going to be catastrophic, then you my friend are great” – Mimama.

        I think you need to own this quote. Its deep!.

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    • We worry so much about what others think of us that we forget what we think of ourselves. Being great as everyone has said is subjective. It’s like success. Everyone’s definition of success is completely different. I work with people who feel completely accomplished in the same role for decades and others who have become directors in less than 8 yrs yet feel unaccomplished. So you see, it is all subjective. I think the key is understanding we can’t all be Obama and Defining what greatness means to one and measuring oneself accordingly.


  3. No one is indispensable.
    Being great is making an impact on the life of another.
    It’s more important to have your name written on the heart(s) of someone or people you showed love to along the way rather than on the delible pages of the books of this world worse still on the back of a coke bottle. Lol.

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  4. Is it possible that some men do not like having sex? Left to husby he only prefers it about once or twice a week and it is a new marriage, so he tends to resist and blame it on work. Done all the positions he likes and he is not cheating hence my question because I am used to hearing that guys are the ones who disturb the ladies. Is it me because I dont get it.


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