Sleeping With The Landlord….

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It’s been a lousy six months. Within the 6 months I lost my job, lost my car and my self-respect. The only thing I seem to still have (at least as at yesterday, was the love of my wife).

Everyday she encouraged me to go out and search for another job or a source of income, and everyday I would come home to a warm meal, heartily served. Not once in those 6 months was she ever rude to me neither did her attitude change. Not once, not even when I told her I couldn’t afford the monthly housekeep anymore.

From her savings, we have been able to pay the school fees of our 2 kids and continue feeding. Mysteriously even my landlord has been very understanding of my dilemma. I used to work for a bank and earned good pay. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot saved up by the time I was handed a termination of appointment letter.

Anyways, that was 6 months ago and although life has been tough, the warmth and love of my wife has cushioned the effect of being without a job.

Its 1pm on a sunny thursday and I make my way towards my apartment with my gaze averted from the eyes of prying neighbours, I am returning early from my daily sojourn as the friend who had promised me help had another meeting to attend outside town and had to cancel our appointment.

At our apartment door, I hear my wife talking quietly but firmly, “Oga landlord, our deal was a one-off deal. You said if I slept with you, you would leave us alone for a while, at least till we got back on our feet”. Hahaha I hear my landlord laugh and reply “So for one round of sex you expect to get to stay in my house for as long as you like? Young woman, I have left you alone for 3 months. You either give me what I want or I kick you and your husband out. Let me have my way and I’ll leave you for another 3 months or even 6 months”. My wife does not reply and the landlord says “think about it, I will be back in a week or so”.

As he approaches the door, I quickly run to the backyard and wait till I hear the gate close.I am torn. I have no savings, no friends or family who are willing to help. I have 2 kids who I need to also consider. If I confront my wife, we are as good as homeless. If I don’t and let this shameful act continue I will die in silence. I cannot even rustle up enough anger at my wife, I just feel I have let her down and exposed her to fending for us. I know i must find a way out before next week rolls by…….*********

This story is a work of fiction meant to stimulate our minds. Sordid proposition but definitely happening around us. Do share your thoughts.



20 thoughts on “Sleeping With The Landlord….

  1. My people would say”oso si ni lenu otu bu iyo si”insult upon injury as my late dearly beloved aunt loved saying.Oga Ade has to man up for it takes more than a penis to be a man.The woman has acted cheaply in the best interest of the family and I would expect the man to love and respect her for it,sie die not dm it for pleasure or personal gains but as a man he has to brace up and make something happen,impact get money and move houses even if it’s to a smaller apartment and if is not permitted to mention the landlord issue to his wife


    • I totally agree with your view. He needs to man up and get his acts together. Even if it means taking up menial jobs and moving them to a face me I face you. For me it is only a lazy man that would learn of such and not do anything to stop it. Infact if it’s begging her should do and ensure the landlord does not sleep with his wife again.


  2. What he needs to do is turn his eyes the other way. Act like he didnt hear what he heard. Harsh truth. Na condition dey make crayfish bend. His wife is ride or die, she is doing what she has to do to protect him from shame and to provide for him and the kids. He should endure the shame life has thrown at him. I feel bad for him. He needs to be understanding.

    When things get better financially. He can tell his wife that he knows all about her shagging the landlord. They can discuss it as wise adults and move on with their lives.


    • Hmmm….heee….orishirishi. Abeg help me ask Kon, if you were the husband is that what you will do? is that what you will do? When we talked about divorce or a woman leaving her husband, you were so quick to remind us all of vows and God and vows exchanged before God. Now where is that God in all of this? Hen?!

      It is only a weak and foolish man that will look the other way. That hunger had better kill all of us than to have a smelly old man grind my wife because of rent.


      • You have to analyse the situation.

        She has already slept with the man. What are you protecting again? The land lord has seen her nakedness, she already made the decision without consulting the husband. So stopping it now and getting thrown out of their home would be double loss. Let her just continue…

        Ok na. So he should be strong and confront his wife that has already done the deed, then he will be thrown out of the crib, probably separate from the wife, still no job and money. Is that really the wisest move?


      • He should protect what is left. The woman is not finished now. Ask God for grace to forgive her and get the hell out of that house. It won’t be easy but with one step at a time, they will get there.


  3. This post has revealed a situation that is becoming more rampant in these our modern urban times. The desire of men to “chill” and let their wives bear some of the burdens. Imagine if this was an Igbo man in 1965, that landlord will not escape with his body whole. But it’s 2015 and men are willing to allow their wives fend for them even if it’s with her body. Shame on men. And to KON you puzzle me with your double sided opinions. Today it’s the mans world, tomorrow the woman can help her husband by sleeping with the landlord. Oluwa a judge yin. When I said women should marry men who can cater for their needs people quickly condemned me. Now is it not obvious that if you marry a lazy man you will end up being used as sacrifice?


    • You guys need to understand my perspective.

      1. The man did not ask her to do it. I wont support a man asking his wife to use her body to provide for him.
      2. She did not consult him. If a woman cheats with a guy 1 or 100 times isnt it the same sin that deserves the same punishment? She has done it once already… what benefit would come out of stopping her from doing it a second or third time?
      3. All Im saying is that he should turn the situation to his advantage and just siddon dey look two of them till he can get on his feet. Then he can now make his decision on the way forward. Either to understand and forgive her or to punish her.


      • Kon you are evil. Forgive ko forgive ni. SMH. After they’re back on their feet, the man will look at her and say” I knew you were sleeping with the landlord all this time.” Satisfied, with the look of surprise on her face. He’d continue “Thankyou for everything but I cannot forgive you.”
        I bet that’s how d story ends in your head hun?


  4. KON Baba, these sisters be calling you evil as if you just re-created the holocaust.
    Fancy girl, so the 1965 Igbo man hunts down the landlord and mutilates him, okay…fun story so far…but what does he do to his innocent wife? You’re making it sound like she was raped?
    Its a tight decision but I’ve to go with KON, the woman already made the decision to sell herself. She would tell herself that she didn’t have a choice. Lies. She could have encouraged her husband to send the kids to a public school and for them to move to a much cheaper apartment.
    I disagree with Kon about the man still having the prerogative to “understand, forgive or punish” his wife tho, if he does, then the woman also reserves the right to “understand, forgive or punish” him too for creating the circumstances that led to her indiscretion.


  5. Forgive, look the other way, punish…it’s all easier said than done. So the manly man looks the other way now, what happens in 5 years time when he is a millionaire and she’s spreading with age? Will he still forgive and forget?
    As far as i am concerned, using my body as rent is not part of the deal, not now not ever. If the dude can’t pay our rent, we move (to parent’s house if need be), children change schools, i start baking, selling soups, anything.
    Anything but loyal prostitution biko!


  6. May we not be in such a position, in Jesus name. First, I do think the landlord is a mean old bastard. The woman, I must blame. I think she should have spoken to her husband about the landlord ‘s proposition, then allowed him to lend money from somewhere Or stall the landlord.
    Like I said, it’s hard. But may we have d spirit of discernment to handle it right.


    • Can’t take it, if life puts me down why should my wife bang the landlord to stop him from kicking us out. That’s like kicking me when am down. I know she thinks she has good intentions but for me it’s an intentional attempt to keep me down. How do I look at her or myself knowing she is doing the landlord guy. Why didn’t she let us talk and find a way out. Public schools for the kids, face me I face u houses etc.. What she is doing is not standing by her husband, it’s a show of lack of trust and the level of believe she puts in him and God.
      Truth be told any guy that knows this and does not speak out will either die or after all said and done will kick the woman out. And people will say he’s a wicked man. (What you can’t take as a rich man don’t take as a poor man and vise versa.) something like that😜.


  7. It’s easy to say the woman ought to have told her husband what was happening. It’s easy to sit in our comfortable positions and speculate on what should or should not have been done. However its a sad day when a man looses everything and has to depend on his wife’s savings to feed and pay school fees. It’s even worse when a woman has to reduce herself to sleeping with a grimy old sleaze bag to keep a roof over her family. Never did she change her attitude to her husband but kept encouraging him. I don’t approve of using what you have to get what you want but Olorun ma je ka ri adanwo (God deliver us from evil). Men need to ensure that they don’t put their wives in this kind of precarious position. I wonder what happened to the money from the well paying job? I wonder why no questions were asked about the Landlord’s seemingly considerate behavior. A man who can forego some months of rent for one round of sex does not sound to me like your regular Mr Nice guy.


    • I agree with you. The man was possibly a spendthrift, because how come he had no savings? and a lazy one to boot for not worrying about the landlord. This kind of man would give his mom in exchange for money if he had to, so far he doesn’t have to do the physical exchange. kmt


  8. its all easier said than done. I can imagine how the woman must have felt, its honestly depressing to the both parties when u ask someone for money when u know they don’t have and when someone asks u for money that u don’t have. Am sure she assumed she was lending a helping hand. I know we have crucified the woman based on the side we have heard but lets have a bigger picture of how terrible thing might have gotten for a family that had enough to a family with nothing. Quick question ladies how many people wont do just anything to put food on the table n shelter.


  9. It’s hard to blame the woman without sounding inconsiderate. But still on still, she should have discuss the matter with her hubby and come up with a plan. And there are options. Relocate to low income apartment or they will plan together and set up the landlord. This second option is simple. Since the landlord is a he goat, the woman would just lure him into her matrimonial bed and just about when the grinding starts the jobless husband shows up. Perfect scenario for ransom. A year rent free or blackmail. Gbam! EOD!


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