How Much Should Be Spent On An Engagement Ring?


So, I am faced with a big bang question – How much should be spent on an engagement ring? You love a woman and you want to share the rest of your life with her, but does that mean mortgaging your bank account just so she can have a little glitter on her finger?

What is the significance of an engagement ring? I used to think women loved rings because of the beauty it brought to the fingers, but recently I have had cause to change my simplistic mindset.

So i decided to carry out a research and I found out that an engagement ring should be a symbol of the promise of marriage and commitment to join as one in a lifelong relationship as husband and wife. Traditionally, an engagement ring is not considered an absolute necessity in order to be married. However, engagement rings are common in the Western part of the world because it is seen as a pledge of love and a symbol that a woman is no longer available to be courted by other men.

The act of wearing an engagement ring also lets other men know that the woman’s feelings are “engaged by somebody else.” Nowhere in my research did I read that the value of the ring should equal the love you feel for the woman.

If you love someone truly can you not accept whatever symbol he has to offer? For example, I watched a documentary some weeks ago about a certain lady who made gorgeous rings from wood and I thought it would be romantic (and somewhat different) to propose with a wooden ring. However I was shocked back to reality when my colleague threw my idea into the bin.

She advised me to stop joking and purchase at least a gold ring, if not a diamond one. And I wondered, would my girlfriend refuse my proposal if the ring was not gold or diamond? Does that not reflect the mindset of the current crop of women we are forced to consider as marriage partners? Abi what has the value of the ring got to do with the value of the marriage?

A diamond ring I hear, can cost as much as $10,000 or more!!!!!!!!! So if I spend this much on a single item, how will we celebrate the wedding? How will I get a flat or even furnish it?

Seriously I think boyfriends should ask their girlfriends which they would prefer, an expensive ring or a well furnished home. As of today, I have not bought the ring, neither have I proposed because I cannot justify the huge expenditure.

So am throwing the question out to everyone here…….. How much would you spend on engagement ring?

My personal thought is that, it doesn’t matter how much millions you spend on an engagement ring, it doesn’t matter how much it glows, or how many diamonds are locked around the ring. What matters is the heart that is giving it and that which is receiving it. After all, we still see couples with the best rings going through hell in their marriages.


This post was sent in by a blog visitor. Do leave your thoughts.


12 thoughts on “How Much Should Be Spent On An Engagement Ring?

  1. Its simple. The amount spent on a ring is proportional to the level of income, not on the depth of love. If your salary is small then dont kill yourself to oppress with ring.

    Also women should not size up a mans income or depth of love by the engagement ring he buys. Because there is also the factor of values. Some men dont put much value on jewelry. So he might have billions and love you pieces and still buy a cheap ring.

    Infact I feel the idea of rings whether engagement or band is a waste. Engagement rings are the worst. Its a waste of resources. Why have engagement ring and wedding band. 1 is enough.



  2. Not to sound materialistic, an engagement ring is more than a symbol of love. It is a symbol that the man you are promising yourself to can foot your bills. A husband is not a help mate, he’s supposed to be able to bear your financial burden and how better to prove that than buy me a ring that is worth my status in life. Am sure your girlfriend will be expecting a ring that she can proudly wear. Lets be honest with each other here, if a girl is used to wearing quality things why will you buy her a non-quality ring? Eg when you met her she was dressed from head to toe in Gucci and you still approached her. Now you want to propose you want to give her a 5k ring. How does it match. My answer to your question is buy a ring that equals the quality your intended is used to, if you can maybe you shouldn’t be marrying her!


    • Yeah….now you will definitely make them abuse us.
      To me a ring, social status or not is a symbol of promise between you and another person. It tells the whole world, you belong to someone. Shikenah!
      I don’t care if it’s wooden, plastic or a diamond. Just that if you love it, put a ring on it. It doesn’t mean I don’t know about gems or precious stones or that I’m not social or there.
      Things don’t define me, it’s the other way round.


  3. Brother these women are thieves in sheep clothing. I want to marry you but I should sacrifice my soul for a tiffany or gold ring. Pls if I propose to a girl with nothing and she doesn’t say yes I will gladly let her go. my mother has never worn a ring and that doesn’t mean she is not married to my dad. So my brother, buy what you can afford, infact test her by making it a cheap ring. If she accepts, fine, if she doesn’t find another one.


  4. I have never been a lover of gold, silver & the likes because I know that I will walk on them in heaven so why expend so much on it here on earth! I don’t see the real value in an expensive ring (engagement or band) because all that can be taken away by a little boy with a “little ” gun in traffic. Also the mere fact that a pregnant woman can dump the ring for 9mths depending on the level of her hormones then what’s the fuss about the price in the first place. Meanwhile I try to live life in such a way that I don’t attach much value on material things so when they get lost or get damaged, I don’t lose a thought or my peace.


  5. Here in North America, The rule of thumb for how much to spend on an engagement ring is equal to 3 months of the guy’s salary. Therefore, the more money you earn, the higher your chances of getting a higher quality/diamond ring.
    I personally think you should buy something nice but dont go into debt. you can always update it later when you can afford to.


  6. Why do an expensive ring and a well furnished home have to be mutually exclusive? Its whatever a man can afford he should buy for his woman. If its a $100 ring you can afford, hen go right ahead and do that. If its $10k and you know your woman likes diamonds and you can afford it i dont see why not.

    Now if your woman is the type that cannot readily distinguish between glass or cubic zirconia and diamonds but is still clamouring for a big rock, it is up to you to decide how to handle the situation.

    I dont believe in mortgaging your assets to buy a ring. Stick with what you can afford, likewise dont be stingy with what you chose to spend if you have the means.


  7. Well….an engagement ring has absolutely nothing to do with being materialistic or not. I don’t care if I don’t get a big wedding, why would I wanna feed a thousand people that ain’t complaining of hunger anyways. But, that ring ehn, hmmmm. This is how I see it.
    When you love someone, you give. Of course what you give is dependent on the size of your bank account. But I also like to believe that what you give is dependent on the premium you put on the woman, the only madam in your life, forever. So, if it’s not asking for too much, I’d like to have a premium put on me, not a wood. Thank you very much.


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