Married & Happy…


Its been 9 years since we said our vows and seeing him walking towards me still makes my heart pound. I remember the first day I saw him practically running after me and trying to hide it. I was a babe in the prime of my babehood.

He wanted my address so desperately and I couldn’t help but string him on for a while until I was sure he had more than sex on his mind. He came visiting on a Friday evening and we spent the evening talking about this and that. Meaningless nothings, but as a whole it meant a new beginning. Night came but we couldn’t bear to part, so we continued our conversation until 3 am when we dozed off holding each other close.

Fast forward to our wedding day 5 years later and I was filled with trepidation. I kept wondering if I had made the right choice. Would this man love me for the rest of my life as he promised or would he turn to a monster after marriage?

9 years later, I see that my fears were unfounded. He’s more of a friend now than he was then. And the sex? Please don’t let me bore you with how good the sex is. I should? Ok. Just 2 days ago we had mind-blowing sex in a queer place, with visitors in the house.

The best part of our togetherness is the way he loves me. In sickness, in weakness, in happiness, in brokeness, he loves me thesame.

For 8 years out of 9, we searched high and low for a child. Throughout this period my husband stayed consistent, supportive, strong and a blessing to me. He fought several battles for me, with his family, friends and even his boss at work. He never for once made me feel bad despite the hurtful words his mother threw my way. When my job seemed to be the cause of my several miscarriages, he let me resign and supported me financially. Never once did I have to beg for money from him. My “salary” was paid on the 28th as my former employers used to remit.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been all roses. There have been times I have felt let down by him, times that I have thought he wasn’t being supportive. Times I have wished I didn’t pledge myself to him. But when we talk about the issues, we are always able to find a middle ground for forgiveness and acceptance.

I am proud to say that my husband is a man worthy of my love and i would give it to him time and time again.

Whats the secret you wonder? I truly cannot attribute our peaceful cohabitation to one thing or the other except the goodness of God.

My advice forΒ singles is to look for a man who makes you laugh while being strong for you. You can always tell when a situation arises that calls for his support. Also be ready to be flexible, it should never be this way or the highway.

For my fellow married people, lets learn to leave the past in the behind daily. Retire to your bed without grudges. Make kissing and making-up an “always” affair.

Your marriage is what you make of it.Β This married woman is out as you guys say.*****

Kindly send in your real life stories and experiences to Let’s share to inspire others.



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12 thoughts on “Married & Happy…

  1. Omo, you truly fell for all d sweet nothings on d first night.. woke up in eachother arms on d first night and 9yrs later d story is still the same.. You married your bestie dear..
    Really there is no marriage without its cons but once God is made the foundation and plenty perserverance one would pull through ( ps: the man or woman has to be ur real friend for God and perseverance to see one through)


  2. This is not so rare as Yemi thinks! I’ve been married for 12 plus years and the love is even stronger now than it was before we got married. We both married a friend and believe me there’s practically nothing we haven’t discussed. Also, we can and have forgiven each other of things that will blow your minds if you know. Like the writer has written, never sleep with grudges. I also believe and we practice never leaving the house daily without a kiss. We’re both not angels but cos we’re best friends, we’ve learnt to understand each other’s weaknesses and help to grow positively in life. Marriage for me has been one big party filled with Candies and chocolates that I don’t want to end.

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  3. beautiful!!!!
    when two pple r at peace with each other the possibilities are endless.
    it nice to kw that there are still some pple who r actually happy and satisfied with their spouse despite the ish.
    Make room for a lil bit of love everytime.


  4. I absolutely love this post. What women want mostly is just affection. I always say, if you show a woman love and affection, she will cut off her head and give it to you on a platter of gold. Even if you can’t say sorry verbally, device a way to show her that you reckon you are wrong when you do something bad. My hubs sent me an article previously of a couple where the husband couldn’t find job but the wife could. She stood by him but as you will expect, they had quite a few misunderstandings, one of which was her thinking he was having an affair because he was smelling of a weird perfume. He had come home late because he stopped by to buy her flowers on his way home after his interview. Stand by your wives and she will remain loyal to you forever. If you let your family walk all over her or you cannot support her or you can’t understand that some situations while tough for you may even be tougher for her too, you will be nourishing an unhappy woman.


  5. I am glad this post came now. To show us that relationships ain’t always about men and women backstabbing and hating on each other. There is love in this world and I hope we can all share in it.


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