The N5,000 Christmas Love Challenge…


Good morning my dearest ones,

The countdown to the Christmas festivities and the end of the year has started and we are just too excited. Whoop whoop, can you tell i love Christmas? I do, i so do.

Anyways in our eagerness to celebrate Christmas and usher in the new year, we need to remember that they are people who cannot afford to “enjoy” the festivities. At Lifetitudes, we believe that Christmas is about love and what better way to show love than to share?

Introducing the N5,000 Christmas Love Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starting tomorrow to the 24th of December 2014 you are required to locate someone who is in need and share as little as N5,000 or more depending on your finances. In the alternative, if you do not like to give cash, buy foodstuffs worth N5,000 and give to the selected person.

Just imagine the joy you would bring to that person/household with as little as N5,000. So get on the train, accept the challenge and nominate others to.

Recommended methods of nominating others to join in the challenge include leaving their email addresses and Lifetitudes will forward the links to the nominated persons or you can send the links directly and leave a comment stating your nominees.

Do enjoy your weekend.

PS: Our first give away will be done later today, don’t forget to leave a comment, follow us on twitter and like us on FB. 


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24 thoughts on “The N5,000 Christmas Love Challenge…

  1. I had ds friend in school who got married immediately after service. We were very very close. Two years ago, some days before christmas, I packed an hamper specially for her family.

    Guess what my friend told me that very same day.

    Aside from the fact that she was cold and distant. My dear friend told me to hurry up and get married, so we can have things to talk about.

    Apparently we no longer had anything in common. I haven’t spoken to her since then.


    • Hahahahaaa!! You women are so sensitive and take things too personally.

      – Errr…so has she done bad by telling you to hurry and get married? Simple thing that you will laugh over and even gist her about the rubbish guys that have come your way
      – So… does this affect Christmas and other people that really have needs in this period. So because your friend is a douche bag and didnt appreciate your gift you have turned to a grinch? Maybe God should be a grinch to you for the time you didnt appreciate his blessings and dceide not to bless you again.


  2. Firstly we are not giving “back” we merely give. Secondly, i think 5k is too much per family. By my calculation, 3k is fair : 1kg of Rice to feed 18 adults – N400; 2 large tin tomatoes – N400; half carton of chicken -N 1500; oil & condiments: N500; balance N200. With this, one can choose to feed plus or minus 5 families.
    Merry christmas y’all.


    • ibo girl, e be like say u no dey too go market o. because this ur prices are lopsided. cartoon of chicken is 7,500 at the least. what kind of oil are u talking about? the smallest bottle will be like 750 (at least they will fry the chicken naw). lol @balance. but I get your point sha. maybe we can try to divide the 5k for 2 people. instead of cartoon of chicken maybe a live chicken @850 naira.

      the key thing to this challenge is sharing what you have with others who are in need. my mum used to cook big bowls of food on Christmas day and we would pack and share to beggers and other less fortunate people.

      by the way I accept the challenge


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