What Do You Get Out Of Church?

how-to-draw-a-church_1_000000007928_5Hello dearest ones,

Have you ever felt so lost in the midst of daily challenges and struggles? Have you ever been constantly sad for no apparent reason?

Have you been disgruntled lately because nothing seems to be adding up? Your food seems to have lost its flavour and you just want to hold your head in your hands?

Life does that at times, weakens one to the point that everything just seems grey. You forget what happiness means and you begin to focus on the negatives.

At those times, it is best to go back to your source. Plug in to the power cable and let some goodness flow back into you.

For me, Sundays are always my major recharge days. I let the praise and worship songs in church wash away my “perceived problems” and the prayers recharge my battery. I have come to realise that plugging into the word of God always helps me find my way back.

I come out of Church feeling like a new-born, ready to face the week and its challenges. The reiteration of the promises of God somehow makes it all seem doable and feasible.

What about you? What do you get out of church?

Do share.

Wishing you a brilliant week.


21 thoughts on “What Do You Get Out Of Church?

  1. The part i enjoy most abt church is the sunday school (study of the word) and also the prayer sessions. ( this days i am very lazy to pray or raise d extraordinary prayer pts) .
    Church does these for me.


  2. I get a lot out of church. For me I am at peace with the world when I am in church. By the time praise and worship is over I feel relieved from the week’s harrowing ordeals. Church is my sanctuary.


  3. I don’t get anything from going to church. Honestly, I feel more confused and it scares me. I’m at a point where I need to be flose to God but somehow Church doesn’t do that for me. I get more connection with God talking to him on a daily. I’m not religious at all. Very recently, I was having issues and went to church to find myself and the pastor worked up to me and gave me what most will consider evil advice. Since then, I’ve just lost it


    • I think you need to review your church and your pastor. It’s weird that you don’t get anything out of church, instead you leave more confused than when you went in. Is it a bible believing church? What does your pastor preach about? From his preachings and advice you can decipher if He’s God driven or self driven.

      @ the evil advice, I can’t comment on the advice given because the truth at times seems evil to is just because it’s not what we want to hear. But if his advice runs contrary to the word of God you need to run. But in running be wary of moving to another “evil” church. May God’s grace guide you. 😘.


    • It’s ok to b confused. Just know that we all fall short and we all feel lost at times.
      But you know what the the awesome part is? God loves you anyway.


  4. My three year old cousin is trying to teach me how to roll my tongue.

    I can’t do it.

    How do I explain to a three year old that you can either roll your tongue or not? You can’t learn it.

    I live for little miracles like this. Things I can see.

    All most churches are about is money and I wonder, is God broke?


    • The GOOD LORD is not broke my friend. The truth is that he doesn’t need your money or mine. Look away from the negativity you may notice in the churches and people.
      He is the all sufficient God.:-)


  5. The feeling that someone loves me irrespective of my foolishness and many other stuff is just wonderful. That’s how I feel when I go to church.
    From time to time we fall short of being worthy. We are not good enough but he still loves us.


  6. I am so glad that people are always brutally honest on this blog.
    Now truth is that a church should ordinarily refresh you, give you brand new confidence to take up new challenges but if this is not so then you either need to change your church and immediately too, or search your soul.

    Find someone that you love and respect as a Christian and open up to such a person. I once had a chat with this highly upwardly mobile chic and could not believe her spiritual frustrations, she was an S.U (scripture union member) in school and a youth minister after school until she got married. She married a socialite who had issues with her dressing, her constant church attendance and all that, he practically transformed her to something else. She also had a busy schedule as head of Human resources in her office and in her words “can’t stand boring services, just love spiritual quickies like what I get in day star” After we spoke; I knew she had a conflict in her spirit. See our busy lives and our frustrations can negatively influence our spiritual lives.

    We must in addition to church find spiritual mentors we can discuss deep things with. I pray that the fire of revival will burn every burden separating us from the love of Christ and the congregation of his saints.


  7. I love the fact that this blog cuts across different spheres of life and people who comment are real.
    I get refreshed when I’m in church. Especially when I’m in tune with God in my personal life. The truth is that we sometimes experience a burn-out and it seems we just perform a ritual going to church. Times I feel this way,I either stay at home to talk to God all by myself and really pour my heart out to him or go to a different church to get something new.
    Again, christianity is a personal race and church is a place to recharge. Essentially,as Christians we are meant to be led and find a place where we can grow. E.G. A cow needs grass to produce milk, a lion needs meat to sustain its strength. What exactly drives you to church? Connection?woman?man?spiritual growth?


  8. What do I get out of Church? Most times I get absolutely nothing.
    1) Praise n worship doesnt move me because these new Churches have so remixed the praise songs I dont even know them again. I miss the praise choruses of back in the days
    2) Most sundays the sermon does not hit it. Listen, christianity is simple- the koko of christianity is simple. But some sermons are so off point once the pastor starts I bring out my phone n start tweeting.

    But I wont deny, there are some Sundays that the praise n worship is so on point tears almost drop frm my eyes. Then the pastor starts to speak the TRUTH and I so refreshed I feel like shout “DEVIL IS A LIAR”

    But this feeling only comes once in a long while. I wish it would come every Sunday and during mid week service.

    I hope I get something major from watch night service because na serious battle I get with devil in 2015!



    • Mr Kon, kindly consider changing your church. I am seriously puzzled as to why people go to churches they get nothing from. It was thesame in my old church, the pastor was always whispering (or maybe the speakers were bad sha). After a couple of months I knew I had to change churches. The word of God is too important not to be heard right!


    • I have not gotten anything lately from church. So I stayed back in my house, before i begin to ask if God is real. Oh yes, somethings happen that make you think or even soliloquize it. I stay in my house to keep the faith. Cos many pastors will go to hell based on the way we interprete good and evil.
      His grace is sufficient. I pray for the wisdom to make heaven and not carried away with playing church.


  9. Thank God that Everyone on the blog believes in God. That’s great news! Even better everyone that has replied at least goes to church.

    Church for me is not a place for bouts of praise of worship and word to get a spiritual high or low for the week.

    It’s much more personal. . . I go to church longing to worship God with other believers and in so doing , connect to God a bit more. The connection honestly has changed my life, my attitude , my mindset, me!

    There’s a story in the bible about a woman with the issue of blood. It always resonates more when I read Christians’ comments about church . So many people that needed healing were around Jesus also but she dared to get her healing out.

    Same thing. In our generation where people go to Church mostly as a religious activity , it’s up to each Christian to personally find their connection with God in and outside of church. My take is if you long and desire a connection, irrespective of the distractions about church being for money or a show off point , or the boring sermons or the empty praise and worship , all these will honestly not matter. It would be you and God every Sunday. Even when I don’t feel like I am able to sift through all the “noise” same way couples that are genuinely in love only see each other when they r on a date. Try it people

    And as time goes on. It gets easier.

    Fall In love with God daily and you would see past all the seeming emptiness in church.

    Have a blessed week people


  10. Church on Sundays sure makes me look back @ my week like I just glided through a stress-free week, forgetting all the hurdles and all(no wonder it’s called sanctuary). It’s a time to also reflect and some strong teachings really ginger that.
    One can’t help being distracted once in a while though, I mean it’s an auditorium filled with people so it’s only natural to look around.
    Just wish my church going isn’t a sunday only affair but can’t change that right now, God will work it out soon.
    It’s disregard for God to fiddle with phones or any other device other than reading the scripture during service on it, if one will get tempted to chat, send mails or even play games sef it’s best to leave it in the car/home

    Have a great week peeps!


  11. I love this blog♥
    And i love going to church.I love my church,I love the people,I love the pastors.I love the praise.I prayed to God to find a church that i can find fullfillment.I found it and i made a decision to love it.
    Because church is laundry.Full of imperfect people with their faults,its easy to be distracted.
    No one is perfect,not even the Pastor
    My main focus is always on God.The bible says he is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.

    My advice friends is that You find a bible based church,pray about it and decide to love it.

    You can also pray before going to church.Nobody meets with God and goes back the same.

    You can also sign up for trainings in church.I know most church have Spiritual development trainings that are designed for growth.


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